Bolton suggests Haley ought to maintain her run for the presidency until the Republican convention.

Former national security adviser John Bolton has called for U.S. strikes in Iran, but disagrees with some Republicans who are urging Nikki Haley to drop her presidential bid and step aside for former President Trump. In an interview with CBS News, Bolton stated that Haley should stay in the race and carry the flag for those within the Republican party who do not want Trump to receive the nomination. He also believes that if Trump were to run into trouble, other Republicans should consider entering the race. Bolton has recently warned about the dangers of a second Trump presidency in the foreword of his book “The Room Where It Happened.” He believes that Trump intends to withdraw from NATO and that a second term would be catastrophic for America. A Biden campaign spokesperson has highlighted Bolton’s book, using his warnings about Trump to their advantage. Bolton, however, sees this as a compliment and believes that his argument could resonate with voters. He urges Republicans to continue their efforts to deny Trump the nomination, stating that it is as important a political priority as they have ever had. In response to Bolton’s comments, Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller accused him of trying to profit off his relationship with the president.  

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