California Chamber of Commerce Elevates Three Exceptional Members to Senior Policy Advocates

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The California Chamber of Commerce has recognized the hard work and dedication of three of its members by promoting them to senior policy advocates on January 1, 2024. Ashley Hoffman, Robert Moutrie, and Preston R. Young have all been instrumental in advocating for the interests of the Chamber’s members.

Ashley Hoffman joined the CalChamber in August 2020 as a policy advocate, specializing in labor and employment, and workers’ compensation issues. With her background as a labor attorney, she has been a strong advocate for the business community, successfully fighting against job killer bills that would have imposed costly mandates and increased litigation, such as Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) lawsuits.

Robert Moutrie also joined the CalChamber in March 2019 as a policy advocate. He is an expert on occupational safety issues and has worked closely with Cal/OSHA staff to make California’s regulations more feasible for businesses. Moutrie has been particularly involved in representing employers’ concerns during the drafting of emergency and nonemergency regulations related to wildfire smoke, COVID-19, and indoor heat.

Preston Young, who joined the CalChamber in October 2019, specializes in health care policy and taxation issues. In his four years with the Chamber, he has successfully advocated for the business community by defeating a proposal for a government-run health care system, restoring important tax deductions and credits, and stopping legislation that would have increased health care premiums for employers.

The promotions of Hoffman, Moutrie, and Young to senior policy advocates are a testament to their hard work and dedication to representing the interests of the business community. The CalChamber is proud to have them as part of their team and looks forward to their continued advocacy on behalf of its members. 

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