CBP One app has been utilized by migrants 64 million times to seek permission to enter the United States.

The Biden administration has implemented a new smartphone app, CBP One, as the primary means for migrants to request entry into the U.S. at the southern border. According to internal government documents obtained by CBS News, over 64.3 million requests have been made through the app in the first year of its implementation. This has resulted in nearly 450,000 migrants being allowed into the U.S. through official border crossings. However, this number does not represent unique individuals, as many have made repeated attempts to secure an appointment. Former U.S. immigration official Theresa Cardinal Brown describes the high demand for entry as “staggering” and sees CBP One as a self-petitioning mechanism that was not previously available. The Biden administration hopes that by using CBP One, migrants will refrain from crossing the border illegally and instead apply for a work permit after being released from U.S. custody. This also allows them to avoid the stricter asylum conditions of a Biden administration regulation, which deems migrants ineligible for asylum if they enter the U.S. unlawfully after failing to seek refuge in a third country. As of February 8, 2024, 448,701 migrants have been allowed into the U.S. through CBP One appointments.  

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