Comments from Interim Labor Secretary Su Regarding the January Employment Data

U.S. Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su recently released a statement on the January 2024 Employment Situation report, highlighting the continued growth of the American economy under President Biden’s leadership. According to the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 353,000 jobs were added in January, bringing the total jobs created under President Biden to 14.8 million. The unemployment rate also remained steady at a low rate of 3.7 percent, continuing a trend of a jobless rate under four percent for the past two years, the longest stretch in over 50 years.

The statement also emphasized the balanced and broad-based growth across various sectors, including retail, healthcare, and professional and business services such as engineering and management jobs. The manufacturing industry also saw a rise in employment by 23,000 in January, with a total of 791,000 manufacturing jobs added since President Biden took office.

Despite these positive numbers, the statement acknowledges that there is still room for growth by bringing more people into the labor force. This aligns with President Biden’s agenda of creating good jobs with pathways to the middle class and advocating for policies that support childcare workers and working families.

Overall, the January 2024 Employment Situation report reflects the strong and steady growth of the American economy under President Biden’s leadership. With a focus on creating more jobs and supporting working families, the administration aims to continue this positive trend in the future.  

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