During the Super Bowl, a super PAC run by RFK Jr. broadcasted a $7 million advertisement.

Cristina Corujo’s Politics article discusses the controversy surrounding Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Super Bowl ad for his independent presidential campaign. The ad, created and aired by the American Values Super PAC, featured images of Kennedy in a vintage look and slogans that played on the legacy of his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy. However, some members of Kennedy’s family, including his cousin Bobby Shriver and brother Mark Shriver, expressed their disapproval of the ad’s use of family images. Kennedy apologized to his family on social media, stating that he had no involvement or approval in the ad’s creation. Despite this, the ad remained pinned to the top of Kennedy’s social media page and his press secretary expressed gratitude to the Super PAC for running the ad during the Super Bowl. The ad reportedly cost $7 million and has sparked further controversy, with the Democratic National Committee filing a complaint against Kennedy’s campaign and Super PAC for alleged collusion. Kennedy has only officially qualified for the ballot in Utah and the campaign is still working on paperwork.  

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