High Court doubtful about disqualifying Trump from 2024 election candidacy.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Trump v. Anderson, which centers on whether former President Donald Trump can be excluded from the Colorado primary ballot due to his involvement in the January 6th Capitol attack. Justices from both sides of the ideological spectrum expressed skepticism about the idea of states having the power to disqualify a presidential candidate under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. They also raised concerns about the potential nationwide implications of such a decision, with Chief Justice John Roberts noting that it could lead to a handful of states deciding the outcome of the presidential election. Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a Trump appointee, emphasized the importance of democracy and the people’s right to choose their preferred candidate. The case has the potential to set a precedent for future elections and could have sweeping implications for the 2024 presidential race.  

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