It is anticipated that Biden will emerge victorious in the 2024 Democratic primary in South Carolina.

Title: President Biden Wins South Carolina’s 2024 Democratic Primary Election

On Saturday, CBS News projected that President Joe Biden will win the 2024 Democratic primary election in South Carolina. This victory comes after defeating two long-shot candidates, solidifying his position as the party’s front-runner. Nikole Killion has more on this breaking news.

The Primary Election:
After months of campaigning and debates, the Democratic primary election in South Carolina finally took place on Saturday. President Biden faced off against two lesser-known candidates, but ultimately emerged as the clear winner. This victory is a significant milestone for Biden, as South Carolina is a crucial state in the primary process.

Biden’s Strong Support in South Carolina:
President Biden’s victory in South Carolina is not surprising, as he has strong support in the state. In the 2020 presidential election, Biden won the state with a significant margin, and his approval ratings have remained high among South Carolina Democrats. This support was evident in the primary election, where Biden received a majority of the votes.

The Defeated Candidates:
The two candidates who ran against President Biden in the South Carolina primary were considered long shots from the beginning. They were unable to gain significant traction in the state and were ultimately no match for Biden’s popularity.  

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