It is anticipated that Biden will emerge victorious in the 2024 Democratic primary in South Carolina.

President Biden secures victory in South Carolina’s 2024 Democratic primary election, defeating two lesser-known candidates. He is projected to win all 55 pledged delegates at stake in the primary, solidifying his support among Black voters who helped revive his 2020 campaign. The primary, which was moved ahead of Iowa and New Hampshire, marks the first official Democratic nominating contest of 2024. Despite not appearing on the New Hampshire ballot, Mr. Biden still won the primary as a write-in candidate. However, due to the state’s defiance of the DNC’s primary calendar, he will not receive any delegates from New Hampshire. In South Carolina, Mr. Biden faced competition from Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips and self-help author Marianne Williamson, but ultimately emerged victorious. The Phillips campaign has stated that he has no plans to drop out of the race at this time. Mr. Biden has credited the voters of South Carolina for his success, stating that he would not be in the White House without their support. The primary polls in South Carolina closed at 7 p.m. on Saturday, with voters who were in line at that time still allowed to cast their ballots. President Biden will now move forward in his campaign, with his sights set on the upcoming primary in Michigan.  

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