Jon Stewart comes back as the host of ‘The Daily Show’ and jokes about Biden, Trump, and his own self.

Title: Comedian’s First Night Back Includes Jokes About Biden, Trump, and His Own Age

Section 1: Introduction
After a long hiatus, comedian [Name] returned to the stage for his first show. And he didn’t hold back when it came to poking fun at some of the biggest names in politics.

Section 2: Jokes about President Biden and Donald Trump
During his set, [Name] couldn’t resist making jokes about the current President, Joe Biden, and former President, Donald Trump. He quipped about their ages and how they both seem to be getting up there in years.

Section 3: Jokes about His Own Age
But [Name] didn’t stop there. He also turned the jokes on himself, poking fun at his own age and how he’s not getting any younger either. The audience couldn’t help but laugh along as he made light of the inevitable aging process.


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