Kering Exhibits Prudence Regarding Future Earnings Projections

Title: Kering Warns of Potential Decline in Operating Income for Gucci in 2024

Kering, the parent company of luxury fashion brand Gucci, has issued a warning about the potential decline in recurring operating income for the brand in 2024. This news comes as a result of expected investments and a normalization of sales growth across the luxury sector, which could impact profits in the first half of the year.

Factors Affecting Operating Income:
Kering has stated that the decline in operating income for Gucci is primarily due to two factors. Firstly, the company plans to make significant investments in the brand, which will impact its profitability in the short term. These investments are aimed at further strengthening Gucci’s position in the luxury market and maintaining its growth trajectory.

Secondly, Kering predicts a normalization of sales growth across the luxury sector, which could also affect Gucci’s profits. This is in line with the company’s overall strategy to focus on sustainable growth rather than short-term gains.

Impact on First Half of 2024:
The decline in operating income is expected to be more pronounced in the first half of 2024, as the investments and normalization of sales growth take effect. However, Kering remains confident that these measures will ultimately benefit Gucci in the long run and contribute to its continued success.

Future Outlook:
Despite the potential decline in operating income, Kering remains optimistic about Gucci’s future. The brand has consistently performed well in recent years, and the company believes that its investments and focus on sustainable growth will only strengthen its position in the luxury market.

In conclusion, Kering’s warning about  

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