Lankford is optimistic about the Senate immigration agreement even though Trump is against it.

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On January 28, 2024, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma expressed his optimism about the Senate immigration deal during an interview on “Face the Nation.” Despite some pushback from fellow Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, Lankford stated that he feels “very positive” about the emerging agreement. He, along with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy and independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema, have been working on the final details of the compromise with the White House in an effort to reduce illegal crossings at the southern border.

Lankford emphasized the importance of finalizing and releasing the legislative text of the agreement so that senators can review it for themselves, rather than relying on “internet rumors.” The deal is expected to grant the executive branch the authority to pause asylum processing during spikes in migrant crossings and raise the standard for accepting asylum seekers, among other measures.

However, the agreement has faced challenges in the Republican-controlled House, where some members have advocated for stricter border security policies. Additionally, Trump has publicly opposed the deal, stating that there is “zero chance” he would support it. Despite this, Lankford remains hopeful that Trump will eventually see the benefits of the agreement, especially since it would give him new authorities if he were to return to the White House in the future.

Lankford also credited Trump for his handling of the border, stating that the recent improvements would not have been possible without his leadership. He acknowledged that the agreement may face difficulties in the current political climate, but remains optimistic about its potential impact on the border crisis.  

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