Natura &Co is evaluating the possibility of spinning off the Avon brand.

Natura &Co Announces Potential Separation of Natura and Avon Brands

In a recent announcement, Natura &Co revealed its plans to potentially separate its Natura business from the Avon brand. This move would result in two separate publicly traded beauty companies, each with its own unique focus and strategy.

The decision to consider this separation comes after Natura &Co’s acquisition of Avon in 2019, creating the fourth-largest beauty company in the world. While the merger was seen as a strategic move to expand Natura’s global reach and product offerings, the company now believes that separating the two brands could unlock even more potential for growth and success.

Natura &Co’s CEO, Roberto Marques, stated, “We believe that a potential separation of Natura and Avon could provide each company with the best opportunities to achieve their full potential. This would allow each brand to focus on its distinct strengths and strategies, while still benefiting from the shared resources and capabilities of Natura &Co.”

The proposed separation would involve creating two independent companies, each with its own management team and board of directors. N  

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