Nevada is conducting both a Republican caucus and a primary for the 2024 election.

The Nevada presidential nominating contest on Tuesday will feature both Democratic and Republican primaries, but with a twist. The GOP has opted to hold caucuses on Thursday in addition to the state-run primary, creating a confusing process that may hinder turnout. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and former President Donald Trump are expected to declare victory in the state, but only one will walk away with its delegates. This unusual scenario is a result of a change in state law by the majority-Democratic legislature, transitioning from party-run caucuses to government-run primaries. The Nevada Republican Party, in protest of this move, is holding caucuses anyway, arguing that they are more secure and encourage candidates to connect with voters. As of Monday morning, over 59,000 Republican ballots have been cast for the primary, while over 95,000 Democratic ballots have been cast. President Biden will face author Marianne Williamson on the ballot, along with a list of lesser-known candidates. On the Republican ballot, Haley’s name will be joined by a list of other candidates. It is important to note that any challenger to Biden would have to meet the threshold of 15% statewide or in a Congressional district to qualify for any delegates.  

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