Sanctions are causing increasing malfunctions in Russian aircraft.

Title: The Impact of Western Sanctions on Russian Aviation Safety

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in aviation-safety incidents in Russia. This surge has raised concerns about the country’s ability to maintain safe and reliable air travel. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that Western sanctions have played a significant role in hindering Russia’s aviation industry. In this blog, we will explore how these sanctions have affected the sourcing of spare parts and the maintenance of aircraft, ultimately jeopardizing the safety of air travel in Russia.

Sourcing Spare Parts:
One of the major challenges faced by the Russian aviation industry is the difficulty in sourcing spare parts for their aircraft. Due to sanctions imposed by Western countries, many Russian airlines are unable to purchase spare parts from their usual suppliers. This has led to a shortage of critical components, resulting in delays and cancellations of flights. In some cases, airlines have resorted to using outdated or substandard parts, compromising the safety of their aircraft.

Maintenance Issues:
In addition to the shortage of spare parts, Western sanctions have also hindered Russia’s ability to conduct proper maintenance on their aircraft. Many Russian airlines rely on Western companies for maintenance services, but with the sanctions in  

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