Senator Chris Murphy believes that the Senate will approve the spending bill for Ukraine.

Title: Sen. Chris Murphy Confident Senate Will Pass Ukraine Aid Bill

Senator Chris Murphy, one of the key figures behind the unsuccessful bipartisan bill that linked Ukraine aid with border security, recently appeared on “Face the Nation” to discuss the current state of the aid bill. Despite the previous setback, Murphy expressed optimism that the Senate will pass the Ukraine aid bill that was approved by the House last week. He believes that the bill will be passed in the Senate by early to mid next week.

The Ukraine aid bill has been a topic of contention in the political sphere, with Democrats and Republicans disagreeing on the terms and conditions of the bill. The House passed the bill last week, but it faced opposition in the Senate due to its inclusion of border security measures.

Murphy’s Confidence:
During his appearance on “Face the Nation,” Murphy shared his confidence in the Senate’s ability to pass the Ukraine aid bill. He stated, “I think we’re gonna get this done in the Senate by early to mid next week.” This statement reflects his belief that the bill will be passed in a timely manner, despite the previous challenges it faced.

Reasons for Optimism:
Murphy’s optimism is based on the fact that the House was able to pass the bill with a strong majority, indicating that there is support for the aid package. Additionally, he believes that the Senate will be able to come to a compromise and pass the bill without the controversial border security measures.

Next Steps:
The Senate is expected to vote on the Ukraine aid bill in the coming week. If it passes, it will then go to President Trump for his signature. Murphy and other supporters of the bill are hopeful that it will be signed into law and provide much-needed aid to Ukraine.

Despite the initial setback, Sen. Chris Murphy remains confident that the Senate will pass the Ukraine aid bill. His positive outlook is based on the support shown by the House and the potential for compromise in the Senate. The passing of this bill would be a significant step in providing aid to Ukraine and strengthening the relationship between the  

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