Sinema criticizes a question about elections that “fuels Americans’ intense dislike for politics.”

On Sunday, Senator Kyrsten Sinema appeared on “Face the Nation” to discuss her work on a bipartisan immigration proposal. When asked about her reelection prospects, Sinema pushed back on the constant focus on politics and elections, stating that it is what makes Americans hate politics. She also mentioned her decision to leave the Democratic party in 2022 and her commitment to staying focused on policy and solving real problems. Sinema has been working with Senators Chris Murphy and James Lankford on a border security agreement, which would be a major breakthrough for immigration policy. She emphasized that her constituents are more concerned about their everyday lives and the ongoing crisis at the border, rather than elections. Kaia Hubbard, a politics reporter for CBS News Digital, wrote the article. It was first published on February 4, 2024 at 3:43 PM EST and is copyrighted by CBS Interactive Inc. To read more articles like this, create a free account or log in. Please make sure to include proper formatting, such as section breaks, when entering the blog format. Thank you for reading CBS NEWS.  

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