Sinema states that the Senate’s immigration plan puts an end to the policy known as “catch and release.”

On Sunday, Senator Kyrsten Sinema discussed the forthcoming border security deal that Senate negotiators have been working on for months. The Arizona independent explained that the agreement would end the policy of catch and release, the practice of detaining and then releasing migrants with the promise of a future court date. Instead, the new agreement would provide a “disincentive for individuals to come to this country.”

Under the agreement, individuals may go into short-term detention, where they would be interviewed to determine whether they meet the asylum standard. For those who do not meet the standard, they would be returned to their home country. Families would be supervised for three months and required to show proof early on if they qualify for asylum.

Sinema also explained that the executive branch would be required to “shut down the border” if there are 5,000 people seeking asylum on a single day, with the option for the president to take action if that number reaches 4,000 a day. This is to prevent the system from becoming overloaded.

The lead Senate appropriators are in the “final stages” of putting the bill together, with the text expected to be released by the end of the day. Sinema has been working with Senators Chris Murphy and James Lankford on the agreement, which is part of a larger national security supplemental requested by the White House.

However, the deal may face opposition in the House, particularly from Republicans. The goal of the agreement is to reduce illegal crossings along the southern border, which have reached unprecedented levels in recent months.  

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