The Senate has passed a foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel.

The Senate has successfully passed a major foreign aid package, with a bipartisan group of senators working through the night to propel the long-delayed legislation over the finish line. However, the bill’s prospects in the House of Representatives have been thrown into question due to opposition from House Speaker Mike Johnson.

President Biden has urged the House to move forward with the legislation “with urgency,” emphasizing the importance of American leadership and alliances in maintaining national security. He also highlighted the urgent need for aid in Ukraine, where reports have emerged of troops running out of ammunition in their fight against Russia.

The Senate vote on the $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific was 70 in favor to 29 opposed. The upper chamber had to overcome several procedural hurdles and remain in session through the weekend to pass the bill. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hailed the passage of the bill as “historic and consequential,” declaring that American leadership will not waver.

The White House had initially requested the supplemental funding package months ago, but negotiations were stalled due to Republican demands for enhanced border security measures. However, when a bipartisan border security agreement was released last week, it was quickly rejected after former President Trump intervened. Schumer then pushed to proceed with the aid package without the border provisions, which was met with some opposition from Republicans in the Senate.

Ultimately, the Senate was able to pass the foreign aid package without the border provisions, but its fate in the House remains uncertain. The bill’s passage in the Senate marks a significant step forward, but it will require further negotiations and compromise to become law.  

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