The Senate moves forward with an international assistance package following an inability to reach an agreement on border-related issues.

The Senate is facing a procedural vote on a foreign aid package that caused a delay in their proceedings on Wednesday night. The package, which would provide aid to countries such as Ukraine and Israel, was initially requested by the White House months ago. However, Republicans insisted that it must be tied to enhanced border security measures. After former President Donald Trump opposed a bipartisan border security agreement, the party fell in line. However, some Senate Republicans are now pushing for amendments to be added to the legislation, causing a standstill in the chamber. Even Senator Lindsey Graham, a vocal advocate for Ukraine aid, announced that he would vote against the bill due to concerns about border security. With a planned recess at the end of the week, some members have suggested staying in session to resolve the issue. It is uncertain if the bill will gain the necessary votes to move forward, but a deal on amendments could potentially sway some Republican votes. The Senate Republicans met on Thursday morning to discuss their differences and find a way forward. If the bill does pass the Senate, it is unclear if the House will consider it. House Speaker Mike Johnson stated that they will wait to see how things unfold in the Senate before taking action.  

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