Transcript: National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on “Face the Nation,” Feb. 4, 2024

CBS News’ Face The Nation on February 4, 2024 featured an interview with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, discussing the recent US response to attacks on American forces in Iraq. Sullivan emphasized that the response was just the beginning and that there will be more steps taken to send a clear message that attacks on American forces will not be tolerated. He also stated that the US has a concept for how they will respond, but did not reveal any details. When asked about Iran’s involvement, Sullivan confirmed that they fund and arm the militia groups responsible for the attacks and have influence over them. He also stated that the US will hold those responsible accountable. Regarding civilian casualties, Sullivan stated that the targets hit were valid military targets and that they are still assessing the casualties. He also addressed the criticism that the response was telegraphed, stating that President Biden has been clear for months that the US would respond to attacks and that Iran knew this.  

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