Voters in Nevada go to the voting stations to cast their ballots in the primary election for president.

Title: Nevada Primary Sets Early Test for Immigration’s Impact on November Elections

As Nevada voters head to the polls today for the presidential primary, all eyes are on the absence of former President Trump. This absence sets the stage for an early test of immigration’s impact on the upcoming November elections. CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe has more on this crucial issue.

Section 1: Nevada Primary and the Absence of Trump
Today, Nevada voters will cast their ballots in the presidential primary, but one name will be noticeably missing from the ballot – former President Trump. This absence is significant as it sets the stage for a crucial test of immigration’s impact on the November elections.

Section 2: Immigration as a Key Issue
Immigration has been a key issue in American politics for years, and it continues to be a hotly debated topic. With the absence of Trump, who made immigration a central focus of his presidency, the primary in Nevada will provide a glimpse into how this issue will play out in the upcoming November elections.

Section 3: Early Test for November Elections
The Nevada primary serves as an early test for the November elections, as it will reveal the stance of voters on immigration without the influence of Trump. This will give insight into how the issue may impact the outcome of the presidential race and other key races in November.

Section 4: CBS News’ Coverage
CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe will be closely following the primary in Nevada and providing updates on the impact of immigration on the election. With his extensive political expertise, O’  

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