Voting starts in the South Carolina Democratic primary election.

Title: Polls Open in South Carolina Democratic Primary, Potential Impact on Biden’s Support

The South Carolina Democratic primary is underway, with President Joe Biden expected to secure an easy victory. However, today’s contest could also reveal if he has lost support from a crucial group of voters. CBS News’ Nicole Killion reports from Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Section 1: The Primary and Biden’s Expected Win
The polls have officially opened in South Carolina for the Democratic primary, and all eyes are on President Joe Biden. After a strong showing in the Nevada caucuses, Biden is expected to secure an easy win in this state. With a large African American population, South Carolina has been seen as a stronghold for Biden, who has strong support among this demographic.

Section 2: Potential Impact on Biden’s Support
While Biden is expected to win, today’s primary could also reveal if he has lost support from an important bloc of voters. In recent weeks, Biden has faced criticism for his past stance on busing and his comments about working with segregationist senators. These controversies have raised concerns among African American voters, who make up a significant portion of the Democratic base.

Section 3: CBS News’ Coverage from Orangeburg
CBS News’ Nicole Killion is reporting from Orangeburg, South Carolina, where she has been speaking with voters and following the primary closely. Killion notes that while Biden is still seen as the favorite, there is a sense of uncertainty among voters about his ability to connect with and represent the African American community.

Section 4: Importance of South Carolina Primary
The South Carolina primary holds significant weight in the Democratic race, as it is the first state with a large African American population to vote. This demographic is a crucial voting bloc for Democrats, and their support will be  

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